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Highlights Reel:


  •  Best Web Pilot Award at DWF:LA, Katra Film Series NYC, & Strong Chance Film Fest

  • Best Actress Award at NYC Web Fest

  • ATX TV Festival Pitch Competition Finalist, 2023

  • Official Selection: 35 Film Festivals

Highlights Reel:

Bill & Betty Build a Pyramid

Official selection: Nitehawk Shorts Fest 

& Dances With Films: LA


Audiobook Demo Reel "Black Forest"Lisa Jill Anderson
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Listen to Black Forest on Audible

Written by J Scott Boyd

Audibook produced by Christian Titus

In the mountains of Black Forest Colorado, a pair of best friends find their latchkey teen years turned into a thrilling mystery. Follow Jack and Cash as they discover the dark secret of the woods, mess around with some drugs and guns, and evade Neo-Nazi jerks looking for a legend. Beyond all of that, enjoy a story of self-discovery and coming of age that touches on loss and healing.  

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