Restorative & Therapeutic

A gentle class designed to work slowly with a focus on breath, body awareness and strengthening. Ideal if you have chronic stress, chronic pain, depression, or if you prefer/need to work more slowly. This can be a particularly helpful practice for those who are recently recovering from injury or surgery.

Practice with intention, attention and awareness. It's easy to just go through the motions of your yoga practice, and this one-on-one class is designed to get you breathing and moving both mindfully and skillfully. I will create a series of strategically sequenced postures based on your personal goals, and together we will investigate the mind-body connection, while cultivating physical and mental strength and presence. 


New Student Special:

 $200 for 3 sessions

($100/session + 1 free)



$100 to $125/session

(Dependent on travel time)


Custom Flow