About Lisa

I believe that the student/teacher relationship is a collaboration and not a hierarchy, and I aim to empower students to cultivate and listen to their inner-teacher. My love for collaboration stems from years of studying theater and film.  I am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher certified in the YogaWorks method, where my primary teachers were Jodie Rufty & Chrissy Carter, and I also have 100-hours of training in therapeutic & restorative yoga with Jillian Pransky.   In addition to yoga asana,

my movement background includes ballet, Viewpoints, and the

Alexander Technique.  


My Story

When I was 19-years-old, I moved from sunny Southern California to NYC to attend Brooklyn College’s BFA acting program.  It was a culture shock to say the least. It was around this time that I started practicing yoga because I thought that it would compliment the breath and physical work I was doing in my acting training. It didn't take long to discover that it was actually complimenting my daily life.  I became drawn to how the practice helped me cultivate patience, combat self-judgment, and become more present with myself and others.


I am passionate about sharing these tools with others. No matter what your passion or career path is,  I believe that we are at our happiest and have more to give to our endeavors when we live moment-to-moment and when we feel more in union with our body, breath, and mind.  


My Teaching

My teaching style is warm, clear, and playful.  I will always encourage you to meet yourself where you are and focus on process versus the end result.  

I teach yoga to share the pure joy that comes from moving and breathing, and to encourage self-reflection so that we can be a better support system for ourselves and others. 

In my vinyasa classes, you can expect thoughtful and challenging sequences with plenty of options to regress and progress postures to suit your needs.

In my mobility and strength classes, you can expect simple but challenging exercises to help you feel more fluid and steady in your daily movement.



"I’ve been practicing yoga with Lisa for 5-6 years. I thoroughly enjoy how she builds her sequences, the clarity of her cues and the playful vibe that she brings to each class that fosters ease and acceptance while encourages me to be attentive to what’s happening in my body."

-Marta K.

"I love practicing with Lisa. Her classes are infused with a sense of play and discovery, allowing myself to meet myself exactly where I am that day and get what I need out of the class, instead of striving for some sense of perfection."

-Kirsten E.

"Lisa is the perfect teacher for me.  Supportive, clear, positive, and kept it moving at a steady, even pace.  I'm a beginner and I felt like I belonged."

-Padraic L.


Right now you can practice with me from the comfort of your own home in my livestream classes, or in person through YogaSole.



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